Our dogs are alaskan huskies

Alaskan huskies are the most common sled dogs because of their performance. They have been  bred for their enthusiasm for running and for their work motivation. Read more about alaskan husky in Wikipedia 

Our Alaskan Huskies are friendly, easy to handle and very keen to work with people and they love to run.

We have a pack of 50 adult working dogs at our dog yard and we are proud of them.


Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is an unpredictable natural event. It depends on the activity of the Sun and the sky must be clear and dark enough to be able to see them. Their intensity and colours vary a lot. 

Read more about the northern lights in Wikipedia. 

According to the old tales people believed that the Aurora was caused by a fox swiping its tail accross the sky. This is why the Aurora is called the fox`s fire in Finnish i.e. revontulet.