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In autumn, nature glows in shades of yellow, orange, and red - a time we call "Ruska" in Finnish. Birch and aspen trees transition from yellow to orange-brown, while blueberry bushes turn red. With the arrival of the first night frosts, mosquitoes become scarce. This period, which marks the highlight of the snow-free season, offers the ideal conditions for hiking, paddling, and immersing yourself in the picturesque landscape of Pallas-Ylläs National Park, known for having the purest air in Europe.


During your stay, you will be accommodated in a rustic and cozy wilderness cabin located by Lake Madejärvi. The program includes two days of hiking and two canoe trips. You will also be introduced to the world of sled dogs in our farm with 40 Alaskan huskies.


Far away from the stresses and bustle of everyday life, you can find tranquility and embrace the serenity of your surroundings. Moreover, September presents a chance to witness the mesmerizing northern lights.


On the tours, accommodation will be provided in our comfortable log cabins at Madejärvi, complete with a lakeside sauna. The spacious and atmospheric log cabin offers beds on two floors, with a stone oven situated in the center.


1 Day: Arrival in Kittilä; Transfer to the Wilderness Cabin 

Upon arrival at Kittilä airport, you will be transferred to the wilderness lodge at Lake Madejärvi, which is just half an hour away by car. 

2 Day: First Hiking Tour

Hike from the Lake Madejärvi, crossing the treeless hill of Koivakero, and reaching Lake Keimiö. The ascent covers a distance of 200 meters and rewards you with a breathtaking view of Lake Jeris and other surrounding fells. From Lake Keimiö, it's an easy 3.5 km hike back to the road, where you will be driven back to Lake Madejärvi.
In the evening, you can unwind and relax in the sauna, as is customary every evening.

 3 Day: First Canoe Trip

After breakfast, we depart from Lake Madejärvi to Rauhala, located on Lake Jeris. Canoes and kayaks will be readily available for your use. Explore the enchanting lake scenery with its numerous islands on the shimmering blue waters of Lake Jeris. 

4 Day: Second Hiking Tour

Embark on the second hiking tour, which will take you across the magnificent Pallas fells, ultimately leading to Lake Vuontis. This hike will unveil the vibrant colors of the arctic Taiga as the landscape undergoes transformation with increasing altitude. 

5 Day: Second Canoe Trip

Today, you will journey to the Finnish-Swedish border near Muonio. Experience the gentle flow of the Muonio River as you paddle upstream and downstream along its meandering branches. 

6. Day: Learning About Sled Dog Training

The morning is free for you to enjoy at your leisure. You may choose to relax or go rowing on Lake Madejärvi. In the afternoon, you will gain insights into the daily life of a husky farm. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to harness the dogs in front of a training cart and even try riding it yourself. 

7.Day: Transfer to Kittilä Airport and Departure

Following breakfast, you will be transferred to Kittilä airport in preparation for your departure.

The price 980 € includes:

  • transfers to/from Kittilä Airport
  • 6 nights at the log cabin
  • 5 day programmes
  • full board
  • guiding services in English, German, Finnish
  • Group size: 4- 6 people

Dates 2019

27.08.23 — 02.09.23
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10.09.23 — 16.09.23

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