4 days with huskies through Finnish Lapland

At the beginning of December, during the polar night, our dog sledding season begins and lasts until the end of April, when it is already light most of the night. 

We do the tours unaccompanied by a snowmobile. We glide at the feet of snow-capped mountains through pine, spruce and birch forests, crossing open swamps and frozen lakes. We drive over the fells of Lapland with their fabulous snow-covered trees. This landscape in the national park is considered the most beautiful in all of Finland. 

On our trails covered in deep snow you can still feel the real touch of wilderness.


Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are the most common sled dogs, they are bred mainly for their enthusiasm for running and motivation.

There are 40 sled dogs living in our camp and we are very proud of them.

Already in a short time you will get to know your dogs. By being together on the trails, as well as thanks to your care, the four-legged friends build trust with you, and you with the dogs - a special team spirit! 


Please note when booking one of our 4 day husky tours that this is a physically active vacation. Therefore an average fitness level is necessary. You should be able to run shorter distances uphill with dogs and sledge.  More important is the balance and coordination of your body while standing on the sledge, and especially the ability to react quickly should you or the sledge get out of balance.    

During our tours the motto is "teamwork". This includes cooperation with the dogs - that you take care of them - but also cooperation among the participants.


From the end of November, the snow remains and is about 40 cm deep until the beginning of December. The dogs are happy about the freshly tracked, new routes. Winter has come!

From December 4, the sun disappears behind the horizon for a month. Nevertheless, we get 5 to 6 hours of daylight. In Finnish, this time is called "Kaamos". The special thing about Kaamos is the strong colors of the sky and the bluish tone of the light. 

Also, there is a high probability of seeing auroras during the long dark evenings. 

The weekly program

Pallas Husky farm in Rauhala
Pallas Husky farm in Rauhala

Our weekly schedule starts on Monday and lasts until Saturday morning. It includes 4 day trips with the dogs, 3 nights in a typical Finnish wooden house in 2-bed rooms right by the husky farm.

2 nights you will spend in a wilderness cabin at Lake Made. This simple but cozy cabin is a typical Finnish log cabin without electricity and running water.

There is also a sauna right on the shore of the lake. The toilet is outside.


Monday arrival at Kittilä airport. Onward transfer by airport cab to Rauhala, then follows equipping with the necessary winter equipment. Overnight stay and dinner. 

On Tuesday after breakfast we go to the dogs. There is an introduction to sledding and daily tasks.

Soon we harness the dogs in front of the sled and the first tour starts. During the tour we take a little break, learn how to park and tie the sleds with a knot, and give the dogs a little snack. When we get back to the farm, we feed the dogs and enjoy our lunch by the fire of the kota. After that we have sauna, dinner and sleep.

On Wednesday we will start the tour towards Madejärvi. On the way we will stop for lunch by the open fire with warm drinks and grilled sausages on a stick. At the Madejärvi we first take care of our four-legged friends. After that we will have soup with coffee and tea in our kota.

After the body has been warmed up, the heat of the 250 kilogram wood stove in the sauna provides relaxation. In the evening we gather in our kota around the open fire for dinner. 

On Thursday we make a day tour from our camp in Madejärvi into the beautiful fell and lake landscape of Tunturi-Lappi.

On Friday we finish the last husky drive  at the husky farm in Rauhala where the dogs will have their well deserved break for a few days. An evening meal and sauna. 
On Saturday breakfast and home journey begins.

The price includes: 

     - transfers from/ to Kittilä Airport

     - 2 nights in a holiday cottage and 3 nights a log cabin

     - 4 days with the huskies

     - full board

     - high quality winter equipment

       (winter boots, thermal jacket and trousers, fur hat,

       gloves + inner mittens, sleeping bag)

     - guiding in English, German, Finnish

Special dietary menus are possible with advance notice.


For your personal use you should bring: 

- warm, fast drying sports underwear (thermal underwear) - mid layer for insulation: warm garments that are flexible    and comfortable

- thin fleece gloves (for handling the dogs)

- several pairs of wool socks

- a balaclava and/ or a buff

- sauna utensils (towels, shower gel etc.)

- hut shoes

- cotton or silk liner for the sleeping bag

- a headlamp or a torch

- sunglasses (in March and April)


Dates and prices 2022/2023

Winter 2022/2023 fully booked

Termine und Preise 2023/2024


Price €  Availability

15.12 - 20.12

1 480 


21.12 - 26.12

1 570  5

27.12 - 01.01 

1 570 

Fully booked

02.01 - 07.01

1 480 

Fully booked

08.01 - 13.01

1 480 

Fully booked

15.01 - 20.01

1 480 

Fully booked

22.01 - 27.01

1 480 

Fully booked

29.01 - 03.02

1 480 

Fully booked

05.02 - 10.02

1 480 

Fully booked

12.02 - 17.02

1 480 

Fully booked

19.02 - 24.02

1 480 

Fully booked

26.02 - 02.03

1 480 

Fully booked
04.03 - 09.03 1 480  Fully booked

11.03 - 16.03

1 480 

Fully booked

18.03 - 23.03

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Fully booked

25.03. - 30.03

1 480 

Fully booked

01.04 - 06.04

1 480 


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